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By samthambu

May 8, 2007

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Aug 2007

Aug 1 – 5, South Asian Global Convention (SAGC), London

Aug 12: Youth and transformation in Church and Society, UELCI, Chennai 

Aug 12 – 30: Writting Assignment: Re: Thinking Christianity (Book Project) & ISB commentary on Micah

July 2007

July 12: Are there rules to live by? Cultural apologetics course, Power House

July 17 – 24, University of Edinburgh, 4th International Ecumenical Conference on Religion and film. Paper presentation on Reconciliation in Film, the Indian Experience.

July 25 – 30: Visit to Birmingham, UK

June 2007

June 13:  Lessons from Spiderman films, Union Christian School [ Youth apologetics] 

June  14 – 20: writting assignment 

June 23: The Heart of Living, Young Leaders for Christ, Chennai

June 24 – 27:  Programme Design/Practice for a children’s Puppet programme for a Christian Television 

June 28: A day out with the India Quest team  

June 30: Talents, NCYC, Chennai

June 31: The Lord of the Rings Bible study Series: Making connections Bible study, WAC Pallavaram

May 2007

May 1: Stay Tuned, Devotions at St. Andrews Kirk VBS, Chennai

May 2: Generation ‘Why’, Devotions at St. Andrews Kirk, VBS, Chennai.

May 3: Q & A, Devotions at St. Andrew’s Kirk VBS, Chennai.

May 5: Weaving the Pattern, Leadership Seminar for I-Bridge, Hyderabad.

May 5: De-fragging our lifespace, Gospel Meeting for I-Bridge, Hyderabad.

May 7: Brainstorming Session with Capstone Ministries, Bangalore.

May 8-10 : Project planning and proposal for a faith Based NGO

May 18-21: Speaking at the WAC [ we amplify Christ] camp, Avalanche

May 24-25: Master’s training programme, Hyderabad

May 26-31: Worldviews, Campus Crusade staff Training programme at Coimbatore

April 2007

April 1: The way of the Cross, Gospel Meeting, Egmore Wesley Church, Chennai

April 2: The Vision of the Cross, Gospel Meeting, Egmore Wesley church, Chennai.

April 5: What’s good about Good Friday?, New Calvary Youth Church, Chennai.

April 6 : Life or Something Like it, Bible Study, WAC, Pallavaram

April 26: Get Connected!, Devotions for VBS, St. Andrews Kirk, Chennai

April 28: Designerware! Devotions for VBS, St. Andrews Kirk, Chennai

April 28: Who’s behind the wheel? Young Leaders For Christ, Chennai


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