We make the world go round

By samthambu

May 8, 2007

Category: Aha Moments

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Even in our friendly neighborhoods.
We live parallel lives, if not isolated lives
We work.
We live.
Play more games
Have more fun…
And then we die…
Or we live
To die another day…
We grab…
We buy…
We buy things we don’t need
With the money we don’t have
To impress people who don’t care
Nobody cares!
Life, what’s the point?
Just to be the neighbor’s envy…
No one cares!
Give! Give! Give!
No! No!
Grab! Grab! Grab!
Yes! (Yeah!)
Seize the moment
The bigger it is the better
Unfair advantage for a select few
Fueled by the greed for power
And the power of greed
Stop me if you can!
[Two men way lay a person and take his wallet and leave him hurting]
The law of the concrete jungle
What is yours is mine
[A man is rushing to the office…]
Help! Help! Help!
Why that’s his destiny?
You can’t afford to be careless?
He’s been foolish.
The law of legalism
What is yours is yours, what is mine is mine
Oh! Yeah!
We must take care of ourselves
And the world will take care of itself
[A poor man helps the hurting person]
The law of love
What is mine is yours.
That’s the way forward
More Smiles per miles
It’s neither a sport nor a pastime
It’s a lifestyle
I love the world, its people I hate
It’s not worth it
I love my friends
It’s no big deal?!
I love things (and may be use people)
It’s bad.
Oh! Yeah!
Who must I love?
Your neighbor
Who’s my neighbor?
Take a guess?
Not my friends (Nope!)
Not my family (Nope!)
Not my clients (Nope!)
Now I get it, it’s the ‘other’
People we can’t put up with (oh! Yes)
People we can’t get along with (Oh! Yes)
People we can’t live with (Oh! Yes)
Where can I find the neighbor?
Open your eyes look around,
Your hunt for the neighbor ends here
It’s a hurt world
Let’s heal it!
It’s a hurting world
Let’s heal it
It’s a broken world
Let’s heal it.
It’s love that makes the world go round
It’s you that makes the love go around
So pass it on
God’s love is free for every one


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