Talking Point – Relationships

Discussion questions

  • How important are relationships to life?
  • What needs to be a basis of any relationship?
  • How would you define a healthy relationship?
  • We live in a context of fracturing relationships. What breaks a relationship?
  • How important are friendships/relationships? Why are friendships wafer thin?
  • Have you ever “broken-off” from a relationship? How did your feel about the heart break? What did you do about this?
  • What are the images of relationships in the media that invade our lifespace? What do you think about them?
  • Is marriage a “social” institution or is it a symbol of commitment?
  • What is your take on live-in relationships?
  • Why are people commitment-phobic? What is the need to “name” a relationship?
  • KANK apparently presents/promotes the theme: Staying married is easy. Staying married is difficult. Comment!
  • Why are people falling out of love? What is your take on extra-marital affairs?
  • Does faith affect our relationships? Has your belief in God made any difference to your relationship?

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