At my Moriah

– by Samuel Thambusamy 

God called
Take your heart’s favourite
Your only one
The one whom you love
and lay at the altar
for a sacrifice
I shuddered at the very thought
He’s demanded the very thing he’s given me
My ‘self’ resisted all attempts to obey
I thought of his demands
He’s asked that which I had hoped for
The very thing that I dreamt about
Pleaded a million times before the father of light
He never settles for a part of my love
Instead demands everything
All that I can ever promise
All that I can ever possess
Just the impossible!
“It’s hard Lord”, I said.
But then…
I saw Jesus
Looked intently at those eyes filled with love
His nail pierced hands
and His feet
God never held back his Son
but instead had him
Spat at
For my sake
and for the whole wide world
He gave his life so that I may live
“There’s no time to think twice”, I said
I wiped the tears…
I put my heart’s favourite
at the altar.
My dreams, feelings…everything
I raised my knife
Brought it down…
He did’nt stop it…
I wonder “why?”
It was painful
Lord! If ever I love thee it is now


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