Life is never without a mistake

Text: ” And Samson’s hair began to grow” (Judges 16:22)


We’ve all made wrong choices at some points and consequently messed up our lives. All of us carry the scars of our past. Every face has a story. Every story has a history. Painful memories of failure have a crippling effect at the psyche level. Worse, it shrinks us on the inside and takes us through a downward spiral of guilt and shame.

Samson was once marked for greatness. But he blew it up big time! Samson made wrong choices. He had treated his calling with contempt. He had given himself over to the pursuit of pleasure. He chose a lifestyle that distanced himself from his committment.

Choices have consequences. He had abandoned his call. His committment to God had snapped. His life was all messed up.Samson lost his celebrity status. He was chained and his eyes were gourged out. What a great let down. It must have really hurt him to be a poor shadow of his former self.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end here. Samson’s story of personal failure is not a morality tale that conveys the consequence of “falling-out”. On the contrary, it is the story of God’s radical grace. It is natural to feel miserable when we have landed in the dumps. The consequent guilt and shame leave a tear in the fabric of our soul. There is an invisible bleed. Worse, you begin to distance yourself from God.

However, God breaks into our lives in the obvious and the subtle. The phrase ” Samson’s hair began to grow”  is an interesting authorial comment. It is a symbol of God’s amazing grace in the midst of heap and the rubble. We experience God’s grace in the subtle and the obvious. Samson knew that he was grasped by God’s radical grace.

I wonder how Samson got the courage to ask God to help him. On the flipside, why should God ever listen to Samson? I am amazed at God’s radical grace. He reaches out to us even when we’ve messed it up BIG time. We may have missed God’s best for us. But he can mend it. He can redeem the situation. He can give beauty to ashes. God’s radical grace is the highlight of the story.

Thot for the week: Life is never without a mistake. That is why pencils have erasers

Prayer: Gracious God, heal the tear in the fabric of my soul and the invisible bleed. 

Questions for further Reflection

  1. How do you understand the authorial comment, ” And Samson’s hair began to grow”?
  2. In what ways have you experienced God’s grace in the midst of failures?




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