Engaging with fill-0-sophies in Ad-ventures

By samthambu

June 28, 2007

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Advertisements bring fill-o-sophies through its images/messages. How do we help young people engage with such fill-o-sophies? Here’s an activity that can help young people understand and interpret advertisements.

Components of an advertisement

  • Presentation ( Picture)
  • Purpose ( Product)
  • Promotion ( Philosophy of Life)
  • Personalization ( participants)

Step 1: Distribute copies of advertisements. You can xerox them from different magazines ( outlook, India Today, Week, Filmfare etc).

Headline: Change your viewSubhead: Bodycopy: Experience the Ray Ban 2005 collection. Choose from over 250 styles at your nearest authorized Ray-Ban dealer.Baseline: Genuine since 1937

Step 2: Form small groups for interaction. Ask the group to identify a) the pictures b) product c) philosophy of life d) participants/audience

Step 3: Discussion in groups

I.Picture questions

  • Describe the overall design. Who are the participants? What do they do?
  • What images are foregrounded ?Which ones are backgrounded?
  • What significance might all of these features have for the intended viewers/readers/listeners?

II. Product questions

  • What exactly is being advertised?
  • What key objects are featured?
  • With what is the product associated?

III. Fill-o-sophy of life questions

  • What does the product symbolize?
  • What part is played by words (choice of words, typography/voiceover)?
  • What cultural assumptions and values seem to be involved?
  • Identify the felt-needs that the tag line seek to address.
  • What is the message sent out? What do you think about this?

IV. Participation questions

  • Who appears to be the intended audience? What parts of the ad suggest this?
  • What does the ad suggest about gender roles/class/ethnicity/ or self-identity? 
  • How else does the ad seek your involvement?

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