The moon has risen indeed- Has it?

– Daniel Thejus

A very brilliant astronomer, Edwin Hubble came into the scene and screamed (in my words): the earth is not the center of the universe; the sun is not the center; the galaxy to which we belong is not the center; ladies and gentlemen young and old sane and insane, there is no center. Whether it’s geocentric heliocentric or no centric, I’m sure those brilliant astronomers will scratch their heads, grow bald on it and come up with something awesome. But then there is this one eccentric centric that we don’t seem to talk about- ‘Luna-centric’! Where we revolve around the moon goddess and its lunacy. The new debate of the gloaming decade whether we make movies, write or talk about it or not, is very ‘sensitive’.

There has been much talk on emptying your mind and yourselves. We’re not very impressed, its common sense to empty trash. A man who has an empty mind and nothing else and who will do nothing about it; we could probably liken him to a maniac. But this man is evil, he believes in ‘no self’-emotionless, probably an evil maniac. ‘And the one who has lost himself and who has only emptiness and ashes for his self, will always demand to reduce all other selves to emptiness and ashes’ says, Tolkien. He will not only drive himself into that pit but he will desperately want to reduce everyone to emptiness. When you empty your self you better fill it with something good. Fill it with something worth while not with the very thing that destroyed you and made ashes of what was meant to be beautiful.

There are many interpretations of what Humanism is, was and will be. The question then really is; what does it mean to be human? The question of essence and existence and which one precedes the other, has to be answered at various levels. If humanism were to mean, purely that, “man is the measure of all things”, with himself and his rationalizations at the centre, then that is where the trouble, I believe, begins. Humanism that brings us closer to not just having better lives but which would mean everything that would make us happy then the outcome would be a cacophony. And for the Christian it results in a post- Christian era, which will have nothing close to what Christianity really is about. And an aspiring innocent seeking Christian might find himself in a kind of catacomb of his own making.

What is it that makes us happy? And is happiness a ‘right’ of every human being? And is its pursuit our only purpose? And with this as our ‘only’ footing, questions on divorce, abortion, pedophilia and homosexuality find easy answers but at the cost of another. A person might claim ‘I for some reason or the other don’t have a car so what is wrong in stealing someone else’s- it makes me happy.’ Or a pedophilic might blame his frigid wife for every dirty crime he commits. With Nietzsche claiming that all virtue is empty and meaningless, and with God dead now it is not surprising to see meaninglessness in every human endeavor. And the philosophy of despair is a natural outflow with loneliness, depression and boredom as by-products

The humanist who doesn’t have or attempt to find a frame of reference will at some, point however truthful he is to a particular cause will be faced with the problem of why and where the line should be drawn. We are in no way denying the right to freedom guaranteed by the laws of the society in which we live. If the state were to permit pedophiles a right to happiness then it will be the duty of every consenting child to offer services. There the question of happiness will not arise. But what we are faced with most often is not a legal right but more so a moral right.

What we not denying is pleasure. “The denunciation of pleasure seeking is rightly suspect, because it is itself so often the seeking of the very basest of pleasures. I mean of course, the pleasure of being pained,” says G.K. Chesterton. What we deny is pleasure at the wrong time in the wrong place and in its elaboration, which then cannot be enjoyed and made meaningless. When pleasure isn’t under the guidance of something greater than itself it will shatter us like pain

Peter Kreeft says, “when we make something other than God a god, we make our goal possessable. And what is possessable is lesser than us.” Just when we are beginning to come to terms with it, it will possess you. You will be possessed. And it will control you and destroy you. Money, success, religiosity, career, passions and relationships- all “good” but when without “perspective” and then made the “ultimate” thing in our life it will possess us and make maniacs out of us. You will be eclipsed by the moon and become another regular nice mad man, waiting to kill himself (and others). Peter Kreeft says, ‘He doesn’t realize that the reason he wants to kill him self is not because he hasn’t possessed it but because he is already possessed by it.’ It’s a full moon day for him. Don’t let the moon rise on you it merely reflects the light of the sun… but may… The Sun of Righteousness rise with healing in His wings… – Bobby Thejus


One Response to “The moon has risen indeed- Has it?”

  1. Dear Bobby,

    Greetings in Jesus’ Name.

    Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading it, but I had to read it over a few times before I understood as to what you were getting at.

    I guess we require it in this “I-LIKE-IT-COMPLICATED” world. A few years ago when we were to deal with issues there were answers in BLACK or WHITE, but in this I-LIKE-IT-COMPLICATED World I guess we live a lot of the times in the gray areas that requires such philosophical arguments to make the point. PTL the Lord for young thinking dudes like you. Keep up the good work my brother.

    On a closing note i-like-it-simple (want a clear cut answer- YES or NO) and this most often than not lands me in trouble.

    With you in life learning.


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