Sex – God’s Gift or Mankind’s Curse?

Sex – God’s Gift or Mankind’s Curse? – By Hannah Lauvanya

For those of you who scrambled down here in a tearing hurry because you saw the word ‘sex’ in the title, terribly sorry, but I’ve got nothing titillating to say. This is a rather preachy piece and I’m not apologizing for any lusty sentiments I may be treading underfoot because I believe that (1) my opinions are based on the Word of God (2) the Word of God is always right and (3) this is my blog and I’m darn well gonna say whatever I want to, on it! Don’t fret reader. You can always go back to your own blog and crib about the injustice of it all….

From ages past, sex has been a fascinating topic to discuss, debate, opine and generally just roll around the tongue. It was a mysterious act, shrouded in intrigue, taboo and darkness. Granted that open discussions on sex have blossomed in the 21st century, but that I would think is more out of fear – fear of STD, VD and the dreaded HIV. Over the centuries, culture, fashion, lifestyle and popular opinion have tossed their opinions of sexuality around, swinging from one extreme to the other. While upto the 20th century sex was frowned upon as a healthy topic of discussion, the 1960’s saw the era of the flower children and free love became cheaper than a lemon.

What is sex really? A gift from God or a curse on mankind? Diplomatic people would say a little bit of both. I say it depends on how you use it. While some people completely dedicate their entire lives to the exploration and celebration of the same, there are others who shush you and frown at the mere mention of the word. After all wasn’t it this dirty thing that brought AIDS into the world? I beg to disagree here. It is WE dirty things that brought AIDS into the world!

The Word of God at first glance seems to indicate that God primarily meant sex for procreation and not recreation. But then, think about it.
If that was true, he might have just had us all laying eggs or something. I mean, there is no doubt that sex is an activity that is pleasing and acceptable to human beings. The human body is engineered in myriad exquisite ways to enhance sexual pleasure and sweep the participants to heights of ecstasy. How could it be then that God didn’t mean man to enjoy it? Of course He did.

But God, being the model for all earthly fathers, also laid down a few rules here. “Play by my rules”, He said “and all will be well with you”.
Pretty simple rules really. Here’s my idea of how God would put it:

– “You’ve got one body, one heart, one soul….whaddya need more than one partner for, you greedy pig?”
– “Look human, I can’t make this clearer- same sex intercourse is disgusting…so get that ‘straight’!” (pun intended)
– “And no, you can’t do it with your family members either…why do you insist on making me puke?”
– “If you use my gift as a tool of violence or power one more time, I’m coming down there and then it won’t be pleasant!”
– “Just what is your problem with waiting till you’re married? Afraid every single member of the opposite sex will be raptured before that?
– “You need your neighbour’s partner like you need a bullet in the head…. what’s wrong with you people?”

I often imagine just how frustrated God must have felt at the way mankind hearkened to the Prince of the World and twisted and perverted what ought to have been a glorious gift to be indulged in with joyous abandon within the confines of holy matrimony, into a base instinct, a dirty thing to be done in the dark and sniggered at in daylight. Love, quickly replaced by lust.

Take pre-marital sex for instance. In today’s world it’s a done thing.
If you’re still a virgin, it signals that you’re probably a dork with stunted social skills! The secular world sees sexual promiscuity as freedom…God sees it as sin. Yeah, some people condemn it too…for all the wrong reasons. Unwanted pregnancies, danger of STD, breakdown of sexual and emotional health – all very real undesirables, but there’s a bigger reason to wait. It’s called GOD.

If Christ is truly Lord of your life, then wait. Wait for the one He’s appointed for you. Wait for God to okay when and how you become sexually active. Wait for Him to bless the union and the experience will be positive and uplifting. Without Christ at the centre, sexual experiences can become frightening, perverted, repulsive, painful and even traumatic….all leading to guilt, fear, sickness of mind and body, obsession, psychological damage and more importantly the foundation for a barrier between you and your heavenly Father.

God gave us the amazing gift of sexuality to use wisely and relish, the way it was originally meant to be relished. A pure mind turned to Him, a consciousness submitted completely to His control, a heart that yearns to please Him will all help you say “no” at the right time. Look to Him for understanding and He will not refuse it to you (James 1:5) and be careful reader…tread soft ….do not awaken love before it so desires (Song of Solomon 2:7)…. – Hannah Lavanya [ for other articles by the author please visit]


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