Marriage – True, Good and beautiful

By Bobby Thejus 

A story is told of a young beautiful princess who decided to marry the son of an old blind king who had lost his inheritance. The catch was that her husband would die within a year. The day had arrived and Yama was there on time to take the life of her husband. And without pity he took the life of her husband. The great love of the princess gave her strength and courage to follow Yama as he quickly passed through the forest with the soul of her husband. Yama would get angry but then she wouldn’t leave him and even went to the extent of asking him to take her with him, as she wasn’t willing to let go of her husband’s life. Along the way she sang a verse in praise of commitment, in praise of friendship, in praise of charity(love), in praise of righteousness, and a longer verse in praise of virtue. Yama finally gave in and returned the life of her husband to his body. Love had conquered death.

The breakdown of marriage has become commonplace. With the breakdown of marriage, there is breakdown of family and with it breakdown of society. A new culture- with fragmented communities attempting to live in harmony has emerged.  We are lost and are struggling to come to terms with what matters to us. We all want commitment, friendship, love, righteousness and virtue; and these you want them to be true good and beautiful. Some one might say why do I need righteousness?(I want it my way) You need righteousness because you expect your partners love to be true, good and beautiful.

I doubt any one of us don’t want these. I guess in our method and in our journey to finding these we get distracted, and loose our way. None of us get into relationships with the attitude of breaking up. Only pimps, flirts and prostitutes for whatever reasons attempt to do so.

We have the freedom to make our choices but we don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences. We can consummate with sin but her children we have to bear. And if you think you can kill the child with a pill, then with writhing pain you will scream for justice when your heart and mind are pierced. The affluent practice of wife swapping isn’t new. Barbarous cultures that raped any moving thing practiced ‘wife swapping’ and ‘one night stands’. The child we will give birth to will be a barbarian. And he won’t mind having you for dinner.

G.K. Chesterton contends, “You scarcely reach sanity until you’ve reached sanctity”. But like I said before I doubt any one of us is enroute to becoming or giving birth to barbarianism. We sane people are all in search of this true, the good and the beautiful. And only God is true good and beautiful. We who have been created in his image are also created to be like him true, good and beautiful. The three come together. Truth is defined by being, goodness is defined by truth and beauty is defined by goodness(objective goodness not subjective imagination, desire or feeling)-Peter Kreft. And in our attempt to becoming or ‘getting there’ we find ourselves posed with various ways, all spurious ways but only one right way.

If all roads lead to Rome then how come many of us don’t seem to get there? And what if our understanding of Rome is actually Greece? Well then, even if you get to Rome you will be frustrated. But if you are truly looking for Rome, Rome will find you and you will be filled with Joy. But you will have to end your tryst with Greece. In Christ we find the true, the good and the beautiful. And in accepting him he offers the same to us.
Bobby Thejus.


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