An apple a day keeps God away

 by Bobby Thejus

Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden – somewhere, definitely not in the wild west. They did what they were not supposed to. Goodness, gracious me! they ate the forbidden fruit. We are not sure if it was an apple, Adam and Eve alone know, but then whatever- the apple has come to be our favorite target- an apple a day keeps God away. The first sign for Adam and eve was that they realized they were naked. Now, we have gone a little further. Suprisingly, we don’t realize that we revel in nakedness. With the sexual revolution, skin-show flicks and with buzz phrases like “come to terms with your sexuality’; ‘have it-flaunt it it”, it seems as though the whole tree has be grafted into us-body, mind and spirit-  half human fully apple.

The safest road to Hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts. (C. S. Lewis) Like Cain over a period of time, all along laughing and playing ball with Abel, kept watering and carefully nurturing the seed of jealousy. Finally, he ended up killing the poor guy. Are we any different? At times we are no different from Cain, playing ball with our friends, neighbors, strangers, colleagues, parents and siblings, and then slowly and unassumingly over a series of events, we suddenly find our selves in a quagmire of jealousy, pride, lust and finally end up hating-Guilty of murder. Nevertheless, we excuse ourselves, justify our thoughts and our behavior  Or may be it was hate all along which was driving us no different from II Timothy 3:8.

In the search of a beautiful sunrise we can end up getting lost in the woods; the sometimes- dirty, dense and deep- woods- with all sorts of demons playing and posing as a beautiful sunrise.

Adam and Eve might have wondered what that tree was. I wonder if they’d ever thought of it as good for them, particularly as there were other beautiful things to explore. Real beauty is never monotonous it’s exhilarating, shocking, delightfully adventurous, dramatic, graceful and yet never tame. On the other hand, ugliness is boring, frustrating and tame though it attempts to pose as the opposite. They met the most ugly one, wearing a technicolored glittering coat looking nice and handsome. Ugliness redefined itself as good. ‘They saw the tree and that it was good for them’. It was a terrible mistake. Until then, ‘Good’ was being defined by God who is truth, but now all of a sudden there was another perspective. ‘Good’ was defined by untruth- the devil.

Man, ever since, has become boring, monotonous and frustrated; His point of reference for good and beautiful has become shamelessly himself and untruth. Everything on the face of the earth was attractively attached to the other half of the apple- even the good and beautiful.

There is no limit to goodness, but evil is restraining. It promises grand pleasures but leaves you frustrated, boring and depressed. We come to a frustrating halt. Unlike the saints who were really beautiful and who did the good as a result of the truth in them, we will be swayed away by its promises – no matter how hard we try to be or do good the other half

Christ and his cross come to our rescue. In allowing the cross to pierce the other half, of that dreadfully nice looking ‘good’ dirty apple, the apple will dangle for a while and unable to gain control – falls off. An apple a day keeps God away and  Christ is true good and beautiful so keep the apple away. If only Adam and Eve knew this age old-modern adage.
– Bobby Thejus.


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