Looking for Love?!

A commentary on Korn’s song ” Somebody, Someone” by Samuel Thambusamy

A commentary on the song Somebody, Someone by KORNkorn.jpg

Somebody, Someone

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(1) Popular culture does give expression to the desire and despair of the human heart. Somebody Someone is all about longing for love [not just looking for love]. The discourse of human ‘desire’ and/or ‘despair’ for relationality finds musical expression in the (nu metal) song .

(2)Somebody, Someone highlights the desire in every individual to love and be loved. The need for relationality is in-built. I guess, that’s what makes us human. Machines have no need “to love” and “be loved”. We, as humans, need somebody – to lean on, to laugh with, to journey with, to live for and to share intimacy etc. Today, we have so much to live with, and no one to live for. We are in love with ourselves and we have created a ‘use and throw’ world to fit our fancy. Don’t we use people and dump them when we don’t need them? Worse, it doesn’t affect us any longer. We don’t even feel the loss (of people – places and things) for true loss can only be felt when you lose that which you have loved more than yourself.

” I can’t stand to let you in
I’m just watching you
And I don’t know what to do
Feeling like a fool inside
Feeling all the lies you hide
Thought you were my friend
Seems it never ends ”

Korn, Somebody, Someone Lyrics

But then, we need somebody… someone to love. The cry for “love” is everywhere. There is talk about ” love” in every corner. And yet, we have used “love” and abused “love” and now we are more than confused with “love”.

(3) What is love? I came across a this definition for love in an Indian Movie (Kal Ho Na Ho) recently.

“Love? The body does not know how to love. It only knows hunger, hunger for lust”

We have confused love with lust. We have confused love with sex. So we have commodified it. We have confused love with “control”. So we tend to manipulate people and toy them around. No wonder people love us for what we have ( influence, money, body, and just about anything) and not for who we really are. So we tend to buy things that we don’t need with the money we don’t have so that we can impress people who don’t care. We sport brands to be spotted. We flaunt our bodies. we flash our gadgets. We meet other people who are just like us – plastic. With every friendship/relationship we feel like a fool inside. Moreover, we are loved only for what we do. We are loved only for what we bring into a friendship/relationship. People grab and strip every bit of goodness and exploit our vulnerablities.

” Giving you this and that
Giving, get nothing back
It’s all related to
All the things I do
Feeling like a fool inside
Seeming all the things you tried
I am nothing ”

Korn, Somebody, Someone Lyrics

We give and give to a friendship/relationship till there is a tear in our heart. It bleeds and we bleed it out. We feel like a fool inside. The cry to be loved just for me is real.

” I need somebody, someone
Can’t somebody help me?
All I need is to be
Loved just for me

I look
I sign
I need
To help
Me out
With what
I’m trying
I’m crying
I’m frying
In a pile of
I’m dying
I’m dying
I’m dying “

Korn, Somebody, Someone Lyrics

(4) Can’t somebody help me? seem like a real question. The song expresses a cry of despair (the flip side is the cry of desire for relationality)

” I need somebody, someone
Can’t somebody help me?
All I need is to be
Loved just for me”

Korn, Somebody, Someone Lyrics

But, Are we searching in the right place?, Do we have the courage to hear the answers? Years back… When I was seeking answers for the question, I found the answer I was looking for. I found Jesus. I found love. Jesus loves us for who we are. If you are looking for love, take a look at Jesus. He calls us: Come to me all you that are weary and carrying a heavy burdens and I will give you rest. God loves us for real… for just who we really are. He calls us his friends (John 15:14). God calls us to love him. In the words of one follower of Jesus: We love him because he first loved us(I John 3:16).


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