Evano Oruvan (Somebody, Someone)…

By samthambu

December 17, 2007

Category: Film

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What’s he got to do with me? – By Samuel Thambusamy

Evano Oruvan (somebody someone) tells the story of one ordinary person’s tryst with systemic injustice. A popular theme in South Indian Cinema. And yet, it’s treatment is very different.

The film showcases the middleclass mindset and response to the growing injustice in soceity. The DNA of the film instills some kind hope of better cinema in the days to come. It authentically mirrors the real life struggle of every person with double standards, double speak and dubious dealings in our lifespace. The film’s screenplay and portrayals helped the story alot. Evano Oruvan promotes the ideal: A Hero will rise.

Malathi Rangarajan writes, “director Nishikant Kamath keeps the man as ordinary as any of us till the end and still makes a hero out of him — a hero devoid of ostentation, affectation and bravado!” Trust me, it is still a product of Tamil filmdom where the norm is “larger-than-life” heroes.

Vedio Review

Indiainteracts.com  (ENGLISH)


Malathy Rangarajan (Cinema plus, The Hindu): ” If Tamil cinema has to move forward, films such as Evano Oruvan should be encouraged”

Sreekumaran (Apunkachoice.com) ‘Evano Oruvan’ is a must-watch film, though it will leave you disturbed.


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