Life! What’s the point?

– by Bobby Thejus 

Monotony means sameness, repetitiveness and boredom. And it does quite the same to us in our life experiences. We are almost bored of everything. We are bored of truth, goodness and beauty, our relationships, our work, our play, our religion, our exercise, the sunrise, the sunset, nature, our world, our universe and of ourselves. In the circle of life if we put all that has been mentioned above in the centre we will not only end up bored but desperate and frustrated.

Over time man attempted to take himself more seriously than he ought to have. And so he took with himself everything that he hated and enjoyed to the centre of his circle and played with it. He got so bored that he ended up killing himself and others little realizing that that death is itself ultimate boredom. He took the place of God and became a demon. And in the process God was removed or moved to the periphery. If you dismantle the hub the spokes will have no purpose. Once you remove the sun you will grow pale. When you remove His Son you will die. It’s like removing the tune from the music.

When we remove ourselves from the center and put the hub back in its place the spokes will have meaning. When we have the sun at the center we will lighten up. And when we have Christ in the center we will become very alive again. We would have put back the tune to music. Now all our joys and sorrows, sunrise and sunsets, our relationships, our work and play and we ourselves will look beautiful. After we have stopped behaving like Gods we look more godlike. With him there, and everything else at the periphery, we will see beauty in monotony.

For instance birth pains can be considered a very unpleasant tedium but with Christ’s birth it is a very beautiful and exciting blessing. A lecherous beggar can be a very disgusting monotonous sight but to imagine him as a little Christ makes him beautiful, and our reaction towards him will be good, as a result of the truth in us. Our relationship with Him reflects on our imagination and on everything we do and think. And our imaginations reflect on our relationship with others.

” ‘Good people see good things bad people see bad things’ …
‘For you see me, Diamond, dear, said the girl, and she looked down at him, and Diamond saw the loving eyes of the great lady beaming from her depths’ …

(For some people) ‘I had to make myself look like a bad thing before they can see me. If I had put on any other shape than a wolf’s they would not have seen me, for that is what is growing to be their own shape inside of them.'”   – A conversation between a child and the North wind, from the book “At the back of the North Wind”, George MacDonald.

With Him in the center there is beauty, goodness and truth and monotony becomes beautiful.
-Bobby Thejus 


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