Now you’re gone (Does life move on…?!)

Reflections on Basshunter’s song by Samuel Thambusamy

Now you’re gone Youtube Video

Now you’re gone Lyrics

Just heard Basshunter’s “Now you’re gone“. The song is about break in relationship. It tells us about the pain of loss, the lonliness of an empty heart and the human desire to love and being loved.

A relationship break could be paralyzing. We all seek a dream relationship with all the ingredients of a fairy tale. And, when the dream crashes, we are crushed by even the weight of the shattered pieces that come falling down.

We all seek relationships that can be trusted. We make a lot of emotional investments. And when the relationship is lost, we feel lost let alone feeling drained. It feels miserable to experience a betrayal of true love. We feel hurt. We feel disappointed. Worse, it looks like life has come to a grinding halt.

True, the sense of loss can be stinging. We don’t feel a sense of loss unless we lose something that we have loved more than ourselves.

Now you’re gone
I realise my love for you was strong
And I miss you here now you’re gone
I’ve been waiting here by the phone with your pictures hanging on the wall
Is this the way it’s meant to be?
Only dreaming that you’re missing me
I’m waiting here at home
I’ll be crazy now you’re gone

Now you’re gone lyrics

How do we get over a sense of loss? A broken relationship can leave you hurting. But… sadly life goes on. Can we move on in life? Why can’t people just choose to move on….It is easier said than done. A relationship break can leave you emotionally paralyzed for life. It can make you use (and even abuse) pain-killers. It can make you seething for revenge. It can leave a chip on your shoulders that you hurt people with this rough edge.

There’s an empty place in my heart
Without my Anna it will break apart
It won’t heal, it never fades away

Now you’re gone lyrics

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life as a prisoner of an unfortunate experience. You don’t have to believe in a lie: The hurt won’t heal.

You can seek healing. True, nothing can fix a broken heart. That is why we need a miracle. Who or what can do the miracle in your life? If you seek a miracle, you will find it. However, the real question is: Do we need a miracle?


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