First Take: Pirivom Sandhipom (Tamil)

By samthambu

February 20, 2008

Category: Film

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A genuine family drama in tamil cinema is such a rarity. It is an undeniable fact that the commercial aspects (an euphemism for catering to sensate tastes to ensure box office hits) dominate the Indian movie industry. Privom Sandhipom (Tamil Movie) comes as a challenge to this dominant trend. It evokes hope that films can provide genuine entertainment, social thinking and personal reflection.

What I liked about the movie is its chosen subject: the importance of relationships in a person’s life. We live in a time of fracturing relationships. While we all shrink from “friendships” we all crave for genuine relationships.

This film is definitely a no-nonsense movie. Not suprising since it has Cheran’s touch on it (in the making, filming and shaping). Besides, the film as no villain, no fight, no vulgarity, no item number, no negative characters in the film and most importantly no filmy twist. You would love to watch this movie as it provides a window to the cultural richness (language, marriage rituals, family values) of the Chettiyar community in Tamilnadu. 

The film will also be remembered for its portrayal of the female lead (Sala played by Sneha) as one who longs for the love and comfort of a joint family. This radically reverses the usual stereotype that a daughter-in-law is a home-breaker. Hats off to you Cheran!

Cast: Cheran, Sneha, Jeyaram, Murugesan, SN Lakshmi, Vital Rao, Sangeetha, Mouli, T K Kala, Baby, Rajalakshmi, MS Baskar, Balasingh, Rani, Sujatha, Shanmugarajan, Harris Moosa, Devadarshni, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Jeyalakshmi, Annadurai Kannadasan, Mahadevan, Lakshmanan

Direction: Karu Pazhaniappan

Music: Vidyasagar


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