Conversations:Truth and Relationships

A discussion based on Karan Johar’s Kal Ho Na Ho by Samuel Thambusamy

What is Kal Ho Na Ho all about? Karan Johar’s Kal ho na Ho is an amazing story of ‘broken world’ people. It visually narrates the story of Naina’s family: How they forgot to enjoy life, How they forgot to smile and how they forgot to love themselves.

It is also a story about forgiveness. It’s a powerful tale of how one woman chose to forgive her husband’s mistake and was even willing to live with its consequences. Kal Ho Na Ho has a lot to say about relationships and how truth (or the lack of it) has a bearing upon it.

Watch the youtube video clip

Conversations ( by Samuel Thambusamy)

  1. Jenny spoke the truth. She contends, ” You cannot base a new relationship on a lie”. How important is truth in relationships? What is truth? Why do you have to tell the truth?
  2. Relationships are not handled, they are maintained. Comment!
  3. Jenny could have seen the face of another women in Gia; could have seen her husband’s mistakes in that face but chose to see incomplete eyes. She chose to complete those eyes by filling them with love. How could Jenny love Gia? what does it take to forgive? why is it difficult to forgive yourself? How did she learn to forgive her husband?
  4. Many people do not understand love and forgiveness. Jenny’s husband could have understood her hurt and her anger but couldn’t understand her acceptance. Jenny’s strength reminded him every minute of his weakness and it was this feeling that took his life. How do we understand forgiveness? What does it take to experience forgiveness?
  5. Truth about Jenny’s acceptance of Gia and willingness to forgive mends the broken relationship. How does truth, forgiveness and love help to heal and bridge relationships?

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