First Take: Anjathey (Tamil)

By samthambu

February 28, 2008

Category: Film

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Cast: Narain, Prasanna, Vijayalakshmi, Ajmal, Ponvannan, M S Baskar, Pandia Rajan
Direction: Mysskin 

The story is about two childhood friends Satya (played by Narain) and Kripa (Ajmal Ameer) and their tryst with fate. As the story unfolds, the characters undergo drastic changes in their lives and they face the challenge of having to deal with the twists and turns of life.

Despite the deviation from the normal, the film still dwells on the skewed father-son relationship. Sathya is humiliated by his father due to his irresponsible attitude. Not suprisingly, Satya is hurt and easily reacts. This is not the first Tamil movie to portray the skewed father-son relationship. Why does a skewed father-son relationship strike a chord with young audiences?

Does this tell us something about the reality at most homes? This is something that needs to be explored. Most children today live as prisoners of their father’s hopes and dreams. Father’s want to live their unfulfilled dreams through their children. The home – which needs to be a comfort zone – becomes a living hell when there are hurts, humiliation and emotional hurdles.

There needs to be healing of our broken homes to help people like Satya and Kripa. How do we find healing?  Interestingly, Satya finds transformation from without. But, how does a struggling father-son find healing from within?Perhaps, Tamil cinema needs to explore this theme.


“Mysskin’s penchant for telling you the story by visuals is something unique… Anjathey is a smartly executed crime thriller with the able support of credible performances, effective back ground music, excellent cinematography and sleek editing. A clear winner” –

“Although the story has violence, it is the neat presentation of the script that keeps the audience engaged.Despite the long story and violence, you can chill out with this engrossing thriller laced with emotion!” –


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