Fighting Lonliness!

A discussion based on the Tamil movie song New York Nagaram (Sillunu Oru KAdhal)

Watch the Youtube Video

( The video is used only to further discussion)

Questions for Reflection

1. What is this song about?


2. How do you describe lonliness? Why is facing lonliness such a challenge? Why do you think this song describes lonliness as “torture”?


3. How does it feel to be away from family (and friends) and be caged in glass walls? What are your experiences of fighting lonliness? Which do you think is less of a challenge: Having very little time or having too much time to spend? Why?


4. Any dislocation brings about an emotional crisis. How do people who travel to other cities (for study or work) handle this emotional crisis? Is falling in love a natural thing to do then? Is this feeling true love or time pass (just something to help deal with the emotional vacuum)?


5. Is the perceived feelings of affection a help or an hindrance? Why? Is Love a pain-killer or a solution?


6. What did you (dis) like about the song? Are there any take-away lessons for life?



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