POW – Prisoner of Words

A discussion based on Alicia Key’s song Prisoner of Words ( by Bobby Thejus)

POW Youtube Video

POW Lyrics

I’m a prisoner/ Of words unsaid/Just lonely feelings/Locked away in my head/I trap myself further/Every time I stay quiet/I should start to speak/But I stop and stay silent/And now I’ve made/My own hard bed/Inside a prison of words unsaid/I am a P.O.W./ Not a prisoner of war/ A prisoner of words /Like a soldier/I’m a fighter/Yet only a puppet/Mostly I only say/What you wanna hear/Could you take it if I came clear?/Or would you rather see me/Stoned on a drug of complacency and compromise/ M.I.A./ I guess that’s what I am/ Scraping this cold earth/For a piece of myself/For peace in myself

It’d be easier if you put me in jail/ If you locked me away /I’d have someone to blame /But these bars of steel are of my making /They surround my mind /And have me shaking /My hands are cuffed behind my back /I’m a prisoner of the worst kind, in fact /A prisoner of compromise / A prisoner of compassion / A prisoner of kindness / A prisoner of expectation /A prisoner of my youth /Run too fast to be old / I’ve forgotten what I was told /Ain’t I a sight to behold? /A prisoner of age dying to be young/ To my head is my hand with a gun /And it’s cold and it’s hard /Cause there’s nowhere to run/ When you’ve caged yourself/By holding your tongue

I’m a prisoner /Of words unsaid/ Just lonely feelings/ Locked away in my head/ It’s like solitary confinement/Every time I stay quiet/I should start to speak /But I stop and stay silent/ And now I’ve made / My own hard bed /Inside a prison of words unsaid

POW Conversations

  1. In what circumstance or situations have you regretted or have been proud that you have expressed yourself? How did you feel? How did others react?
  2. Do you feel like a puppet when you speak what others want or expect you to say? For what reasons have you stayed silent or spoken up? Or were you MIA (Missing in Action) – reticent?
  3. Is there a difference in being a prisoner of compassion and a prisoner of compromise? If yes what is the difference? If no, why is there no difference?
  4. Have you been in a situation in which you were so lonely that you couldn’t speak to anyone? Has that resulted in feeling frustrated and caged?
  5. What are the arenas in which you can be open about your thoughts? Are you willing to make yourself vulnerable? How has it helped?

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