The power of purpose

The question of purpose is central to gaining personal [professional] competence and productivity. It is purpose that drives us. What if we don’t? Well, as they say if you don’t know where you are going any road is okay.

Most of us spend most of our lives wondering about life’s purpose. We mimic what are friends do, we get to do things our parents tell us to do and worse, we get to do what we find in the immediate and the familiar, little knowing why we do what we do with our lives.

In Lakshya, it took Karan (played by Hritik Roshan) 24 years and 18000 feet to find purpose. Karan did not know what to do with life. At best, he could only wonder why he was directionless. The others around him knew his problem. There was something missing in his life – a real objective – something to live and probably die for. Romi (played by Preity zinta) knew that if only Karan could find his purpose he would get to the top. Unfortunately, Karan did not know this and so he did not try to find life’s purpose.

Do we know our purpose in life? The quicker we know our purpose, the easy is the experience. How do we find our purpose? Do we look within or without? Do we look inside or above? Is life’s purpose assigned or chosen? I guess we all find our purpose – at our moment of truth. Life’s purpose is not in what we do (or say). It is inextricably linked with our values. It gives meaning and significance to our values.

It helps us understand why we live (and maybe die). Have you found your life’s purpose? When your purpose becomes a guiding ideal you begin to really live – inspite of what you have or don’t have, inspite of where you are and inspite of who is with you (and not with you)

Lakshya helps us address the question of purpose. If you have watched it and missed the point, grab a DVD and watch it. It took 24 years and 18000 feet for Karan to find purpose. It may well take 2hrs of watching to help us think about this important issue. Well, if you don’t know where you are going then any road is OK!


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