Reclaiming Passion for Work- Insights from Collateral (2004)

Watch Collateral

Collateral ( 2004) is a interesting story involving three people: Max, the cab driver, Vincent, a contract killer and Anne, a lawyer. As fate would have it, the three people meet each other one day. In the casual conversations that unfold between them we get to see/understand their perspectives towards work. It also helps us to reflect on our understanding of work as well.

Max, The Cab driver

I take pride in what I do
I am just filling in
I want to be the best in what I do
I want my Cab to be the cleanest cab in town
I am looking forward to something
I have my own private getaway

Annie, The Lawyer

I love being in court
I am scared the night before the big day
I fear the worst
Everything is OK in the morning

Vincent, the Contract Killer

“I’ve been contracted to do this job”
“You don’t have the cleanest cab in La La land. You got to live with it”
“We’ve got to look at plan B”
“ you’ve got to make the best of it. Improvise! Adapt to the environment”
“You got to roll with it”
“You are messing up with my work”

Interestingly, Max was a dreamer and has been dreaming of his own limo company for the last twelve years. Meanwhile he has been driving a cab in Los Angeles – a mundane life with nothing out of the ordinary. Max aspires to be the best at whatever he is doing (even if it isn’t his dream job).


1) Which of these characters do I easily identify with? Why?
2) What is my attitude towards work?
3) What do I fear the most about my work?
4) What is the level of involvement in my work?


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