Nowhere to RUN

Commentary on Leona Lewis’ song Run by Samuel Thambusamy



I’ll sing it / One last time for you / Then we really have to go/ You’ve been the only thing/ That’s right/ In all I’ve done / And I can barely look at you/ But every single time I do/ I know we’ll make it anywhere /Away from here/ Light up, light up /As if you have a choice/ Even if you cannot hear my voice / I’ll be right beside you dear/ Louder louder/ And we’ll run for our lives/ I can hardly speak I understand /Why you Can’t raise your voice to say/ To think I might not see those eyes/ Makes it so hard not to cry/ And as we say Our long goodbye/ I nearly do/ Light up/ Slower slower/ We don’t have time for that All I want is/ To find an easier way/ To get out  Of our little heads/ Have heart my dear/ We’re bound to be afraid/ Even if It’s just for a few days/ Making up for all this mess

Nowhere to Run…

Today, relationships are wafer-thin. Sadly, relationships aren’t sealed with love. We confuse infactuation with love. We confuse love with sex. We confuse sex with instinct. So… in our relationships there’s ‘use’ and ‘abuse’, and we finally end up more than ‘confused’.

No wonder, broken relationships are common place and worse, relationships are broken for ‘silly’ (?) excuses. What’s interesting is that we try and say goodbye (one last time) even if we know deep inside that it is not the right thing to do.

We play the blame game. We hurt each other so much that we ‘can barely look‘ at each other. We blame each other if not the circumstance. We are led to believe that any place ‘away from here‘ is okay. Would running away help? And, would this running away from here help us light up?

Issues need to be resolved and we need ‘to get out of our little heads’ that makes us believe ready-made myths. What really matters in the matters of the heart is love. And its love that binds our hearts, bodies and soul. Is there an easier way to go? Do we really have to run? And more importantly, do we know where we are running to and from what are we running away from?

Do we really have to go? It really hurts to say goodbye. Should we say our long goodbye?

We can make a choice. Light up. We need to make up for all this mess. But we can’t get this mess cleared if we don’t have a clue about love. If we don’t know love, there’s really no way to run…


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