The Poker face

A commentary on the song Poker Face (by Lady Gaga)

lyrics and video

We all seek meaningful relationships. Sadly, relationships (and friendships) have become a (poker)game. It is awful to enter into relationships purely by ‘luck’ , ‘intution’ and ‘manipulation’. And then, we keep the other person guessing. We love to keep it that way. We don’t want to reveal our ‘real’ face and ‘real’ intentions. We play the game of love with the poker face.

Sadly, we get see relationships through a hurt perspective. Pain colours our vision. It makes us shrink on the inside. It makes us withhold ourselves. We want to enter into a meaningful relationship and yet we want to withold ourselves. We don’t confess our love because we know it is one big bluff. We like to play it as ‘game’and to keep everyone guessing gets us all excited. Sadly, we deny ourselves of true love, for what is love if it isnt real, excellent and delightful. When we deceive others, we deceive ourselves too.

The hurts and aches (of failed love) we carry is addictive. We enter relationships wanting it to be ‘rough’. We honestly believe, “when it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun, fun“. The more we deny ourselves love, the more we hurt ourselves. And the more we hurt ourselves, we lose the ability to love. It’s a vicious circle.

The poker face is no help at all in real life. Love is self-giving. Of course, you become vulnerable within the relationship but if its a relationship of trust you find love, you find a new you (a me-in-relationship). There’s a lot of difference between ‘life’ and ‘play’. A poker face is of no help if you are seeking love – that is real, excellent and delightful.


1) What is this song about?

2) Why do people rely on ‘luck’ , ‘intuition’ and ‘manipulation’ to enter into relationships?

3) “And baby when it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun, fun“. Do you agree with this! Why?

4) “No he can’t read my poker face“. Can this deception lead to self deception? Why?

5) What did you (dis)like about the song? Why?


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