Samuel Thambusamy is the creative head at wisdomtree – the academy of the faithful. His interests are in popular culture, Theology and Politics. He is now involved with Wisdomtree and reaches out to young people through cultural apologetics. He lives with his wife Lanusenla and daughter Vandana Yujasola in Chennai. He can be reached at:


Christina prefers to be known as a Christian, a feminist, a writer, a researcher, a loving friend and an affectionate daughter…necessarily in the same order! She loves reading, theology, music, art, debating and writing. She believes that she is here with a purpose – to fulfill Jesus’ dreams of creating a just world where there is equality, love, togetherness, and dignity for all. Currently, she is pursuing her research in Chemistry at the National University of Singapore.


Daniel Thejus has a keen interest in the works of Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, G.K Chesterton and Peter Kreft. He is currently enrolled in a PhD programme in Philosophy. Bobby (as he is popularly known) loves to talk to small groups and facilitate philosophical discussions. He can be reached at:


Remo Ragland Paul has completed his Masters in Social Work with specialization in Personnel Management and Labour Welfare from the Madras School of Social Work. Being Keen to bring whollistic development, he joined RHS – a faith based organization that works among the indigenous people in Malkangiri district, Orissa. Remo is passionate about bringing transformation in individuals and communities through a whollistic gospel. Remo is articulate in a wide range of issues such as poverty, crisis management, community development and leadership. He lives with his wife Dr. Susan Sunalini and son Adarsh in Hyderabad. He can be reached at


Ashley Chris Vinil J P is a trainer and coach in his own establishment Ithiel Consulting in Bangalore, India. In his walk, he found his true calling, doing the will of God and today his purpose is to touch people to lead purpose driven lives through writing, training and coaching. His desire is to simply spend every moment with his Lord, walking in His footsteps.


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